By Markos Vidalis

PA 90 RG


One rod, countless uses. When it comes to “versatile”, Jawbreaker is the rod for all. 

Having a long way with ZENAQ and nearly all of the rods, I have to say that I was always dreaming about this moment. Having the best of the best Medium game spinning rods in my hands, I found ways to dramatically raise my catches and give superb motion and movement to my lures. 
Each ZENAQ rod is a special rod, a rod made for a particular purpose. The meaning of ZENAQ to me is Perfection. If you want lighter game all day with silicon lures and minnows, PA83 is a real master on this. If you want a more delicate versatile sea bass rod perfect for all occasions and wading, then you go with the PA88, when you want the best of your top water lures, then you go with the PA89, when it comes to beach fishing and minnows, PA93 is the ultimate rod, and when you need something stronger, ready to outcome the big waves from both beach and port, PA99 is the only solution.  
 All of those rods served me well so far, and each rod is specially made to deliver the best success to the angler on specific situations. That helped me a lot and taught me to be extremely technical with my lures. I discover many mistakes I did so far as an angler and learning how to use the perfect rod for the right moment and lure, made much wiser. All of my superior Plaisir Answer rods, I learned to use them on many different fish species.


Why I needed a versatile rod for Mediterranean Sea?

I live in the Mediterranean region and here sea bass is a great game fish but not the only one. Bluefish that are hard to set the hook on their steel razor jaws, Barracudas with sudden attacks, Explosive bonitos, untamed amberjacks, jumping dorados, drag screaming leerfish and so many other highly aggressive fish, many times encounter my skills in unexpected habitats. And when you face a strong fighter at unexpected places, your chances can become low. 
Sometimes I have to make fishing expeditions on islands or other places which only allow you to bring just a fishing vest full of lures, one rod, one reel, one spare braid and that’s all. What will I find on the next kilometers, how is going to be the weather, the depth, what lures will be better? Taking just a specialized tackle might be a trap. I can’t even remember how many times I chose PA93 and in the end I needed PA89 and the opposite. Not to mention that sometimes PA99 would be the best choice since the weather got rough. So I needed more power, I needed casting ability, I needed more speed, I needed more of ZENAQ philosophy and expertise. Obviously I knew exactly what I needed, a rod for all, and ZENAQ had the power to make it real. 
I needed a super versatile rod, perfect for twitching and retrieving, able to use both minnows and top water lures in the range of 10 – 50gr weight. I knew that it would be hard to end up with the perfect result. I know also that I’m a hard guy to be satisfied since ZENAQ “spoiled” me so far with superior technical rods, and this is why many prototypes came through my hands. 


Characteristics of PA90

The final result is exactly what the angler dreams of. A powerful rod able to use with extraordinary easiness all type of modern lures, from smaller 10gr+ like most 14cm sea bass minnows, up to sinking pencils of 45gr+! Especially in Mediterranean and on of course around the world, people tend to use more and more large slim jerkbaits like 17.5 or 20 cm with weights often more than 35grs. Also some large top water lures and skippers often tend to be heavier than 40grs not to mention the metal spoons. Jawbreaker is a rod for all. 
The 9 feet long (2.75m) is the golden line that allows the angler to perform an excellent WTD technique, to twitch and jerk easily all types of large minnows and sinking lipless pencils and to keep the casting distance at high levels. The sensitivity is unmatchable like all the other Plaisir Answer series. You can feel even the tides and of course you can feel if your minnow “swims” perfectly or not. About action, Jawbreaker had to be a fast taper. This was essential for the best action on top water lures and for the best jerking of large minnows. As a result, PA90 has got to be the most versatile rod for someone can get at high end rods. It is ideal for rocks, for ports, for beaches. You just grab a lure bag, you add there a bunch of different lures, like top waters, minnows, spoons, poppers and you go for the win. Superb feeling, excellent contact on the fighting fish, super power when you need to control a beast and unbelievable sensitivity even at lighter minnows. Undoubtedly if you want a rod for the trip, this is the best suggestion I can give you!

Recommended Setting

PA90 is highly suggested to be combined with reel sizes of 3000 to 4000 on Daiwa and 4000 to 5000 on Shimano. It balances well on them and show spectacular performance. So far I enjoyed it very much with DAIWA Morethan 3012H, DAIWA CERTATE 3012H and DAIWA 2016 CERTATE HD4000SH. They all fitted perfectly and served me as best as it can be. Though PA Jawbreaker is gentle enough to use PE line # 1.0 I suggest to use it with trusted 8braids from PE # 1.2 to PE #2.0 if needed. My golden line for most occasions is a good 8braid PE 1.5.

Target fish species

What I love most with this rod is that the final result did not sacrifice sensitivity to give more power! The magic tip of this rod clearly allows you to go even for sea bass game if you need. I got some very nice sea bass so far with a very technical way, thought I have to lower the braid thickness to PE #1.2. But some attacked me with PE #1.5 while on “search” fishing. In situations like that I had the chance to catch a monster bluefish, later a nice sea bass, then a leerfish and even later a barracuda. It is amazing how the rod performs in all lure types and techniques, staying also extremely “flexible” on the fish species. With a little more drag pressure I could stop the big bluefish from running, with less drag power I could handle the sea bass like I used to with other Plaisir Answer models, and when I need to just pull the big leer fish, I could just put my thumb on t