PLAISIR ANSWER’s real high quality blanks based on previous model “DEFI PLAISIR” are developed and modified to specialize for specific situations. It is focused on its sensitivity, durability, and weight saving with the latest carbon fabric.

With RG Guide System, a number of guide became almost double comparing to its previous model “DEFI PLAISIR”, and it brings enormous merit on fishing. Even though a number of guide increased a lot, total weight is surprisingly declined about 37% because of those small guides.

Joint part that is one of the biggest uneasiness of 2 piece rod. We believe that Spigot joint is the best way of joint performs smooth bend curve and strong durability. However, without perfect balance of type of carbon, reinforcement of joint part, and so on, it would cause rod break or abnormal bend curve.
All ZENAQ Spigot joint is perfectly made by experts one by one by their hand, rods perform beautiful rod action and power as we designed.