MUTHOS The Mid Game 96 power

By Markos Vidalis

The Mid Game 96 power
RG model

The rod that started it all !
My first ZENAQ Rod !
The best rod as the first shore jigging rod.

This “all-rounder” was the reason I “fell in love” with ZENAQ! By the time I got it, I realized very soon that all the other rods I used to fish with, were history. But let’s take a closer look to this masterpiece!
The Mid Game 96 Power is usually the rod I suggest to people that ask for my advice about what model should they choose. The reasons are many: It can handle all the basic weight types of jigs; it is light (only 317gr); very easy to use; it gives excellent move to the jig; it has great casting ability with easy and finally it has the power to beat the challenge.

Mid Game 96 Power is truly the rod that one can start the demanding technique of shore jigging and stay with it for the rest of his life. The ratio of power and curve is so tremendously balanced, that it is not uncommon to land a big fish after a very strong fight from a very poor hooked area. The same unique action also gives the angler the benefit to enjoy a nice fight from even smaller predators like a bonito or albacore of 1-1,5kg, while other stiffer rods won’t give much joy. The Mid Game Power 96 makes shore jigging a lot of fun and allows you to jig all day without getting tired.
It has a wide range of jig weights, starting from 30 to reach 120gr with a best match of 50-90gr. Personally I used it more with jigs from 40 to 100gr and when needed in strong currents, I went up as high as 120gr and the rod showed excellent tolerance without getting empty of power. With jigs 60 to 80 gr, someone can expect casting distance up to 100m without the need of too much effort. Actually like most ZENAQ rods, the casting distance is not increased by the power you will apply, but the technique of casting and the right angle to release each lure – jig.
One more nice aspect about this rod is that it can use easily poppers, skippers and even spoons thanks to its very sensitive tip. I love to use it for various fish and is a strong companion when I do expeditions to unknown waters. I love to fish with it surface predators like bonitos, albacores and mahi mahi, but it is also a powerful tool when I got a strike from a big Amberjack or an angry Snapper. I also use it strategically in areas with stressed snappers, because I can drop as low as 0.43mm my FC leader and trick them more easily without the risk of breaking it. It can be combined very well with Stella 5000 - 6000 and Saltiga 3500 – 4000 or adequate sized reels.
For me The mid Game power 96 is the best choice for the “starter” or the one that needs one rod for the most of occasions. A truly amazing rod that makes the game of shore jigging very easy and brings it to a higher level. This is why I love this rod so much!