FOKEETO FB62-4 Slow Jigging - IKARI

FOKEETO FB62-4 Slow Jigging IKARI has extreme durability which comes out of its extra thin blank.
You can make a hard hooking which has been impossible with any former slow jigging rod since slow jigging rod is usually very easy to get broken.
IKARI is hard to get broken unlike other rod while rod action and sensitivity are the best for slow jigging.

With IKARI, anglers can do what you couldn’t have done with other rod.
You will clearly see the definite difference.

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01.jpg Logo
02.jpg Green tread work
fb_04_b.jpg Tip section
fb_05_b.jpg All guides are Fuji K guide with Titanium frame and TORZITE ring
fb_03_b.jpg Handle section
fb_04_b.jpg Separate grip with very thin blank
fb_03_b.jpg Hexagonal grip for the middle EVA To make easy to hold tightly

fb_04_b.jpg Grip end



Model Length
Lure WT
~ Max
~ Max
Grip length
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Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
(A) (B) (C)
Slow Jigging
6'2" 1 188 ~ 230 ~ #2 600 450 150 T-DPS20
* GUIDE / All models use FUJI titanium frame and TORZITE ring guides. * W-NUT RING (PAT)