New Seabass Rod specialized for use of Big Bait


~Importance of Flexibility which is taught by hundreds of seabass~

For seabass bigbating game, the real value of the rod is how to deal with seabass after strike. There are some rods in the market for bigbaiting game, but they are made only “for casting heavy lures”, thus they are usually too stiff. An essence of the specialized rod for seabasss bigbaiting game is “flexibility” which makes possible to keep giving necessary pressure to fish without fish gets away. Also, this flexibility makes very stable casting with a heavy lure especially jointed wooden lure which balance is unstable.

PLAISIR ANSWER SOPMOD is truly the answer that has been derived from hundreds times of field experience and hundreds of seabass that have been caught.

~High usability in several locations and occasions~

The length of 8 feet, which is not too short nor too long, has high usability when trick cast or backhand cast is required with one-hand in limited standing position, also casting and lure controllability is very high. After fish strike, the rod brings you to take the initiative in fight. When you aim at a pin-spot, casting can be made perfectly as if it’s a shorter rod.

~Functional handle based on experience~

Reel seat is FUJI TCS18 to make high stability for using big reels of round shaped reel and low profile reels. For a grip, extra high rigid EVA is chosen to raise casting accuracy, sensitivity and handling stability. A strait rear grip makes holding handle tighter, and it’s also easy to hold even above the grip-end depending on casting form like short casting. Lastly, a rear grip length is set not to bother necessary moves (changing hands, wading, etc) without decreasing casting ability.

~No more stress in using PE line on baitcasting reel~

Use of PL line on baitcasting reel has been becoming a main stream as technical evolution of baitcasting reel. Then of course, a necessary change must be needed on rod’s guide setting. The necessary change is to control line-slack which is the same concept of ZENAQ original RG guide System for spinning tackle. Controlling line-slack is the biggest factor of reducing a risk of backlash and line trouble, and it’s also the biggest challenge to raise an advantage of using PE line. When you make one cast, you will see the difference.

ange of 15g to 100g~~Wide lure r

Lures which are used in seabass bigbaiting game, are mainly centering around 7 inches. SOPMOD can handle up to 100g, but the remarkable point is its versatility to control wide lure range of 15g to 100g. It has a power to cast 100g lure and has flexibility to cast even 15g, so when normal plugs are needed, you can cast them without changing a tackle. This is a huge advantage, and it’s that a simple hard rod cannot do.

Also, come to think of a risk of backlash and line-break, there is no need to use thin PE line, because a big lure volume vanishes a demerit of thick PE line with its presence.


~Make a new wave in saturated seabass game fishing~
In many years, seabass fishing has been highly evolved and many seabass fishing style have also been established. Now, we try to make a new wave in saturated seabass fishing. That’s “Seabass Bigbating Game” which is catching a seabass with a big lure. This fishing style has been categorized by few under-ground anglers in Japan.
It’s not easy to catch seabass by using a bigbait (a big lure), but that’s why some anglers become enthusiastic into this fishing to pursue a moment of a huge pleasure.
There are many “hard” rods only focused on casting heavy lures, but SOPMOD is the real specialized rod which is put all the knowledge of those underground anglers and technical know-how of ZENAQ based on many years of experience.


Model Length
Lure WT
Lure Wt
Best Match
Grip length
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Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
(A) (B) (C)

8'0" 2
167 15〜100 30〜70 PE #3〜#5 252 570 400 70 TCS-18

* GUIDE / FUJI titanium frame and TORZITE ring guides.
* Lure weights include hooks.