Compatibility of Light Lure Usability and Great Power 

When you are targeting big fish, you have to choose a powerful rod, but it cannot handle light lures perfectly. 
When you want to use light lures like 10g, you choose medium class rod, but it doesn’t have enough power to fight big targets.
The main concept of MUTHOS Sonio 100M was to overcome these incompatible issues.
Based on development of MUTHOS Accura and many field tests, the ideal rod blank was finally born.
Sonio 100M casts and controls 10g~100g lures as if it’s a medium class spinning rod with sensitive soft tip, however,
when fish is on, it shows exceptional power of a real rockshore rod to fight against big targets.
Dream rod “MUTHOS Sonio 100M” debut.

Amberjack 37kg

MUTHOS Sonio 100M (RG) 
Reel: Saltiga 4000H 
Line: PE #2.5
July, 2018. 
ZENAQ field staff Giuseppe Fanten (Italy) caught 37kg Amberjack from the rocky shore in Mediterranean sea! 
This huge amberjack was much bigger than our expected maximum fish size with MUTHOS Sonio 100M, but it has proved the real potential of this rod.

NEW  MUTHOS  Sonio 100M

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 10-100g(Jig) 10-70g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX#3
Handling light lure is as if it’s a medium class rod, but it performs true rock shore rod power in fight. Although you can feel 10g lure weight in casting, you can cast 100g jig or 70g stickbait without any problem, and even in strong wind, its sharp rod action helps to make the best casting distance. Sonio 100M is a very unique medium/heavy versatile rod which doesn’t choose situation and location.
Fish Photos Casting Curve

Sonio 100M  -  RG model
Sonio 100M  -  K guide model


Model Length
Lure WT
Min〜Max (g)
(PE# ) 
Grip length
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Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
(A) (B) (C)
Sonio 100M
10'0" 2
158 Jig 10〜100
Plug 10〜70
1〜3 283 ( K )
288 (RG)
790 495 250 DPS-20

※GUIDE / All models use FUJI titanium frame and SIC ring guides. ※W-NUT RING(PAT)/ All models. ※RG-system is for PE-line use only.

MUTHOS  Sonio  Guide Models

There are 2 types of guide model, [ K guide model ] [ RG guide model ] . 

K guide model

MUTHOS standard guide model with FUJI T-KWSG. Every guide is double footed and double wrapped to keep its durability (only Sonio and Out Range series is single wrapped), and a super ocean top T-NMST is used as its top guide. The best guide setting is chosen for each rod model to perform true nature of rod blanks. 

Tip section


Middle section


Spigot joint & #1 name


Butt Section


RG guide model (LC)

It's equipped T-LCSG as butt guides. By using T-LCSG with smaller guide ring size than K guide model, it enables to suppress a line spiral in instant, and its narrow guide setting makes PE line runs straight between each guide with very small friction. 
Several huge merits are brought by RG guide system.

Tip section


Middle section


Spigot joint & #1 name


Butt Section

 RG GUIDE SYSTEM - Special Site
movie RG Guide System - Field Staff Voice (3:23)


Sonio 100M - Feature


Front grip

Reel seat

W-nut ring

Front handle


Rear handle

Grip end